m8finance is proud to provide its Alliance Partners with access to their rebatem8 product.

rebatem8 offers clients not only the benefit of saving them money on their loan but also pays a once off cash rebate to the client.

We provide existing and new borrowers access to the best available Home & Investment Loans in the market, managing the negotiation and full application process on their behalf to obtain the most suitable outcome for their personal circumstances.
All at no cost.

The Home or Investment Loan rates are not inflated to compensate for the rebate.

The rebate is paid by m8finance from commissions we receive from the Lenders.

Additionally, our Alliance Partners benefit by also receiving a once off payment from m8finance for the introduction of the loan.

rebatem8 assists organisations such as sporting clubs, schools and community groups with fundraising whilst delivering financial savings and cash back to their supporters.

How does it work?


How Does It Work?

A home or investment loan is placed through m8finance
e.g Loan: $500k


Borrower obtains a reduction in interest cost

Previous Lender Loan rate was 4.25%p.a
but new Lender rate now only 3.74%p.a
Saving of $212.50 per month
or $2,550 per annum.


m8finance pays once off rebate to home owner

$1,000 (ie: 0.20% of the loan amount)

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